Louth IWA enjoy talk on Victorian Louth


The June meeting of the Louth International Women’s Association was held at a member’s home when well-known local historian and teacher Dr. Richard Gurnham gave a talk and slideshow on Victorian Louth.

The group was shown a very detailed early Victorian map followed by in-depth explorations of several parts of the wonderful Brown’s Panorama. With a break for refreshments, the group resumed the discussion of the history that the streets and buildings reveal which made for an enthralling evening.

Louth IWA’s next meeting will be on Friday July 4, at the earlier time of 7pm, and will feature an evening walk along part of the Viking Way from Tealby followed by a gathering in a local pub (the walking part is not compulsory).

For more information and for anyone interested in joining the Louth IWA, please contact 01507 490361 or visit our website www.spanglefish.com/louthiwa