Louth Lions duck race winners

Lions duck race
Lions duck race

LOUTH Lions has thanked the trustees of Hubbard’s Hills for allowing them to hold their annual duck race there on Sunday.

Thanks to great weather and a big public turn out of hundreds of people the Lions raised more than £1,000 for good causes.

There were six races including a childrens race, with 250 plastic ducks swimming down the stream much to the excitement of the youngsters.

Winners all received £50 for first prize, £25 for second and £10 for third prize.

Winners -

l Orange race: B Young, Terry Neal, Linda Stones.

l Green race: D Burbanks, Playgoers, M Thomas.

l Silver race: Caroline, Mark Cole, J Barclay.

l Pink race: Maureen Hill, M Grantham, Phillipa L-S.

lTurquoise Race: Pat Jacklin, Roger Dovey, Bella.

Winners of the childrens race were Georgia Todd, Harvey Phillips and Megan.