Louth man, 20, broke terms of non-molestation order

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A Louth man broke the terms of a non-molestation order on the very day it was put into place, a court has been told.

James Dean Watson, 20, of Ramsgate, admitted breaking the order, which had been imposed at Lincoln County Court on July 23, when he appeared at Skegness Magistrates Court.

Daniel Pietryka, prosecuting, said the order, which related to Watson’s former partner Amy Murdoch, contained five conditions including a prohibition on any communication with her.

However, he sent various texts to her, telephoned her mother and also posted details on the social media website Facebook, on the very day the order was imposed.

Mr Pietryka said nothing was said that was threatening.

When Watson was interviewed he admitted to it but said that he did so before he even read the order, which runs until 2017.

Nicholas Alderson, mitigating, said Watson had not read the order when he sent the texts and rang Ms Murdoch’s mother, but did know what it was likely to say.

However, he added that Watson had not been present in court when the order was made but he had been served with it and should have read it.

“In the heat of the moment he did something very stupid but there’s been nothing since and all their numbers have been deleted from his phone,” he told the magistrates.

The magistrates fined Watson £50 and ordered him to pay £170 in charges.