Louth man (25) assaulted three police officers

Court news
Court news

A Louth man has been given a community order and told to pay £200 in compensation after assaulting three police officers in the execution of their duty.

Craig Andrew Preston, 25, of Eastgate, pleaded guilty to the three assault charges when he appeared at Lincoln Magistrates’ Court on June 1.

Preston admitted that, on May 14, he assaulted a police officer in the execution of his duty in Louth.

He then assaulted a further two police officers in the execution of their duty at Skegness Police Station.

For the three offences, Preston was given a community order with a rehabilitation requirement, in which he is required to comply with any instructions from the responsible officer, or to take part in any activity requirement, up to a maximum of 25 days.

Preston was also ordered to pay £100 in compensation for the first assault, in Louth, and £50 compensation for each of the two assaults in Skegness.

He was also ordered to pay £40 in court costs, bringing his total bill to £240.

His guilty plea was taken into account when sentencing.