Louth man gambled away over £700 of his girlfriend’s cash

A Louth man used his girlfriend’s bank card to gamble over £700, a court has heard.

Liam Collins, 22, of James Street, admitted two offences of fraud at Skegness Magistrates Court on November 27.

Paul Wood, prosecuting, said on August 24, Collins’ girlfriend gave him her card so that he could take her car for a new exhaust system but he took £225 from her account and spent it on gaming machines.

When he lost the money, he used the card to obtain £500 credit from the bookmaker and lost that on gaming machines.

Mr Wood said Collins had paid his girlfriend back all but £50 and was going to pay the rest.

In defence, Gordon Holt said Collins had an alcohol problem which he’d cured, but this had been replaced by a gambling problem. He said Collins and his girlfriend, who were still together, regularly exchanged cards and PINs and said it was Collins’ first dishonesty offence and it had all happened on one day.

“Since then he has done all he can to put it right by paying the money back,” he said.

He said Collins got the exhaust but got the cash out and he carried on using the card.

Standing the case down for interview by a probation officer, magistrates said gambling would ruin Collins’ life if he let it.

Collins was given an 18 month community order, will attend a thinking skills programme, and will pay £85 costs.