Louth man jailed for possessing almost 14,000 indecent images of children


A man from Louth has been sentenced to eight months in prison for possession of almost 14,000 indecent images of children.

Mark Rooks, 52, of Eastfield Road, appeared at Lincoln Crown Court last Thursday April 24, where he pleaded guilty to a total of 13 charges.

Rooks admitted possession of 13,969 indecent images of children between January 2008 and July 2013.

In April 2012, a member of the public bought some computer DVDs from a charity shop in Louth, after they had been donated to the charity shop by Rook’s unsuspecting wife.

While the discs were being checked and reformatted, it was discovered that one of the discs contained a number of images of children engaging in sexual activity with adults.

The charity shop customer contacted police and Rooks was identified from his passport details, which he had also saved on to one of the discs.

Police offficers raided his home and discovered thousands of child porn images saved on to a USB stick

During the course of his police interview, Rooks admitted to viewing and
downloading indecentimages of children via the internet.

Rooks later admitted that he had been looking at child pornography for the last ten years.

On February 5 this year, Mark Rooks was charged with 13 offences relating to the possession and 
making of indecent images of children and prohibited images.

This included 880 level four images and 68 level five images, which is the most serious category of image.

Speaking to Rooks, Judge Sean Morris said: “These images are horrific. Some involved extremely young children.”

Judge Morris went on to say that it was his duty to punish such offending and to send out a deterrent to others, and that this was not a victimless crime.

Judge Morris added that if it was not for people like Rooks who sought to view and possess such material, then perhaps some of this type of imagery would not be so available in the first place.

Alex Rynn, defending, said that Rooks, a former RAF frontline squadron during the Gulf War, resigned from his job following his arrest and added that his marriage has since broken down.