Louth man jailed for producing £10,000 worth of cannabis

Lincoln Crown Court
Lincoln Crown Court

A Louth man who set up a cannabis farm in his flat was today (Thursday) jailed for eight months at Lincoln Crown Court.

Thomas Ablewhite was caught out after passing police officers smelled cannabis as they walked past his flat in Northgate in the town.

Katherine Goddard, prosecuting, that Ablewhite was leaving as the officers approached his door.

“He was locking the door behind him. He was clearly nervous and became even more nervous when he was asked about the smell of cannabis.

Miss Goddard said that Ablewhite let officers into the flat and showed them into a room where 17 cannabis plants were growing

“The plants were two to three weeks away from full maturity.

“The set up is described as a commercial grow. Plastic sheeting surrounded the growing area. There were heat lamps, extractor ducts, fans and plant food. Also there was evidence of a previous grow at the flat.

“Further examination revealed that hidden under the sofa were six dustbin bags of harvested, dried cannabis.

The court was told that 1.5kgs of cannabis was found with a potential value of around £10,000.

Ablewhite, 22, of Northgate, Louth, admitted charges of production of cannabis and possession of the drug with intent to supply on 20 May 2015.

Judge John Pini QC, passing sentence, told him: “Those who peddle drugs on the streets in this county will be punished. There has to be an immediate custodial sentence.”

Karen Walton, defending, said Ablewhite suffered from autism and ADHD and was placed in the flat after leaving foster care.

She said he is currently working and in a relationship and since his arrest has been working to ensure that he can remain drug-free.

“He accepts he let his flat be used. He was doing it to obtain drugs for himself and allowed the cannabis to be sold.