Louth Morrisons worker stole from the store

A checkout operator at a Louth store took groceries worth over £50 without paying for them.

Joy Elizabeth Callaghan, 50, of Eastgate, Louth admitted stealing groceries from Morrisons worth £53.58 on September 24.Prosecuting, Edward Johnson said the store manager noticed, around 6pm, a bag of groceries at her checkout, which he thought was unusual and checked every half hour.

As the store closed at 8pm, Callaghan asked him to empty her till and he saw the bag was there, which he thought would have gone if it was a customer’s.

He later saw Callaghan leaving with the bag, so carried out a staff check of it. Callaghan had no receipt and said she’d put them through a self scan till.

Mr Johnson said receipts from staff purchases should be countersigned by a colleague. Callaghan named one who she said had countersigned it.

The manager was not satisfied and Callaghan said she may have forgotten to pay for the items and, when he said he was calling the police, she asked him not to do so and just to sack her.

Gary Farmer said in defence she’d given no thought to her actions and acted impulsively. He said she’d not been in trouble before, was ‘ashamed and embarrassed’ and was now unemployed and unable to receive benefits due to her sacking.

She was given a 12 month community order, 80 hours’ unpaid work and £85 costs.