Louth mum to organise event following daughter Mia’s survivial of Meningitis

Mia pictured with her parents Becki Bailey and Dean Booth. EMN-150710-134913001
Mia pictured with her parents Becki Bailey and Dean Booth. EMN-150710-134913001

A mum from Louth is organising a Toddle Waddle for Meningitis Now after her daughter survived the disease - despite being told it was unlikely she would live.

Becki Bailey, 28, and her partner Dean Booth,34, had their worst nightmare confirmed when their daughter Mia contracted Meningitis at just three-weeks-old.

Not knowing whether their daughter would live or die, the Louth couple spent an agonising three weeks going between hospitals in Grimsby and Sheffield which they described as the ‘longest weeks of their lives.’

Becki told the Leader of the moment where she thought she might lose her daughter: “Mia was just three-weeks-old when she was rushed into hospital at Grimsby, before quickly being flown over to Sheffield after we were told she had Meningitis.”

“She was immediately put on life support and was deteriorating quickly which resulted in her having septicaemia as well as fluid on the brain. We were absolutely devastated because we were told it was unlikely that she would survive.

“It felt as though our world had ended, watching our little girl fighting for her life. All we could do was sit by her side and hold her hand.”

But four days after being diagnosed and treated, Mia’s symptoms began to improve and she was breathing on her own again.

Becki said: “We couldn’t believe our luck when Mia started to breath by herself again, it was such an overwhelming moment for us. Things were starting to look up. From then on each day got better, she was taken off the life support and we were able to hold her again - it was such a wonderful feeling to have her back in our arms.”

But now, two and half years later, Mia is a picture of health and Becki decided to organise the charity event to support a cause that not only saves lives but helps people to be aware of the signs and symptoms of the life-threatening disease.

Becki added: “To help raise funds for Meningitis Now, we decided it would be a good idea to organise a Toddle Waddle at Hubbards Hills.

“It would be great to raise more awareness about Meningitis and help to educate people about looking out for the symptoms and Mia didn’t have a rash like you would expect. The more money we raise, the more lives could be saved. Also because it’s near Halloween, we also thought it would be great if the children dress up.”

The Toddle Waddle is taking place on Sunday, October 25 at 11am and is for children aged between 0-5.

If you want to take part, sponsor forms are available at The Louth Leader office.