Louth Museum needs your help for next big exhibition

Local air raid wardens during the Second World War.
Local air raid wardens during the Second World War.

Louth Museum volunteers have already been busy planning ahead to the first exhibition of 2016 - and they need the public’s help.

The first exhibition of the year, in April 2016, will be all about air raids in Louth during the Second World War.

Although April might seem a long way off, the exhibition team needs help from members of the public right now.

A museum spokesman said: “Although there are not too many people who will have first-hand experience of the raids, there must be many families who have 
stories of what happened to their relatives and friends at that time.

“Christmas and New Year is a time when families get together and often reminisce, so perhaps this year you could get round to recording what happened.”

Museum volunteers have pointed to the success of the Malt Kiln Exhibition, in April 2015, which was one of the most successful exhibitions ever held at 
Louth Museum.

Much of its success was due to the fact that local people were very generous, with both memories and objects relating to the operation of the Malt Kiln. Museum volunteers heard many stories of what the working and social life was like at Paul’s Malt.

Looking ahead to the air raid exhibition in a few months time, 
Geoff Hill - a museum volunteer who is coordinating the exhibition - would love to hear about the experiences of Louth families during this time.

Geoff said: “You might have stories about children being evacuated, tales from ARP wardens, or civilian fire wardens.

“Was a family home bombed, or do you remember what effect the raids had on everyday life?

“Photographs are rare from that time, but you might have a relative who was a keen photographer and a couple of prints have survived.”

The easiest way to contact Geoff would be to email the museum through its website at www.louthmuseum.org.uk, or through Facebook.

You can also leave a voicemail message on 01507 601211, although the answering machine is checked irregularly during the closed period.