Louth photographer Sir Simon Marsden dies

THE famous photographer Sir Simon Marsden - who specialised in evocative black and white images of haunted houses, ruins and churchyards - has died.

Sir Simon was brought up in Louth and lived for most of his childhood at Thorpe Hall, famous for its Green Lady ghost.

He later spoke of the influence being brought up in a haunted house had on his work.

He was also influenced by the ghost stories of M R James, Arthur Machen and Edgar Allan Poe.

Sir Simon published several books of photographs including The Haunted Realm, Venice, City of Haunting Dreams, This Spectred Isle and Memento Mori.

He was the subject of a documentary, The Twilight Hour, which was screened locally at the Collection museum in Lincoln in 2008.

He lived in Hainton, near Louth, and died on January 22 aged 63.