Louth Playgoers 80th anniversary celebration

TO celebrate their 80th anniversary this year, Louth Playgoers are holding an open day for the public at the Riverhead Theatre on Thursday, March 29.

Memorabilia of photographs, programmes, press cuttings and posters will be on display in the studio and in the foyer all day.

A Playgoers video of past years together with video tapes of earlier productions will also be shown.

Light refreshments will be offered to visitors throughout the day.

On Monday of this week Louth Playgoers had performed drama, music and dance for 80 years for the people of Louth and surrounding districts.

At the start this took place in people’s homes, school halls, and any other available venue which could hold a sufficient number of people.

They progressed to performing in their own theatre in Newmarket, and ultimately to owning the Riverhead Theatre.

Over the years productions have included The Strange Case of Blondie White in 1946, Love in a Mist in 1947, The Man Who Kissed his Wife in 1951, Sailor, Beware! in 1959, Murder for the Asking in 1973, and The Dresser in 1986 as well as the famous Playgoers pantos.

In a statement the Playgoers said: “It is a happy coincidence that our production of Jekyll and Hyde had its opening night on the exact date of this 80th anniversary. It is fitting that it is being presented by one of Playgoers’ most experienced directors.

“During those 80 years there have been many thousands of people who have supported Playgoers on stage, behind the scenes, front of house and, of course, in the auditorium itself.

“To mark this very special occasion, we are opening the theatre for the whole day on March 29 so that friends and supporters can have the opportunity to visit our new theatre.”

l Details: Call the box office on 01507 600350 or visit www.riverheadtheatre.com .