Louth Playgoers celebrate Office Party success


Louth Playgoers have received glowing reviews following their recent presentation of ‘The Office Party’, which received a welcomed late surge in ticket sales. The group’s new online booking system has been praised for the part that it played in getting more people along to the show.

Frances Brindle, representing the Previews and Reviews department at Louth Playgoers, said: “The Office Party final sales were at 79 per cent, and considering the sales were at five per cent the week before Christmas we were very happy with that.

“Our new online booking system helped to contribute to this, as tickets are now accessible online 24/7 and not just during box office hours, which is more convenient for a lot of people. The January slot is a hard one to sell sometimes as it’s after Christmas and everyone has less funds, but John Godber is a popular playwright and has quite a following.

“We are also still continuing to encounter people who don’t even realise there is a theatre in Louth, or think we are still based in Newmarket. 
“We’ve been at the Riverhead for over 10 years now so we are constantly trying to educate people that we are here, we are affordable and we’re a very friendly bunch run entirely by volunteers - the more the merrier!”

Playgoer Giles Lyon-Worrell said: “Louth Playgoers is a fantastic place to go and watch a show, and it’s very friendly and welcoming. 
“The shows are West End standard, but much more cost effective for a great night out - there’s even a bar to have cheeky drink. It’s just the social place to be, and that’s why me and my partner love going.”

Sue Partridge said: “As a born and bred Londoner I’ve had plenty of experience of West End shows. To be honest, when I first went to Playgoers I thought it might not be all that professional - small town theatre and all that. 
“I am very happy to have been proved wrong; we are very fortunate to have such a great venue in our town.”

Find out more at www.louthplaygoers.com, or find them on Twitter at @louthplaygoers.