Louth police cadets praised for helping elderly woman trapped on her own floor ‘for several days’

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Two police cadets from Louth have been praised for helping an elderly lady who had suffered a fall in her home, and may have been on the floor ‘for several days’.

The cadets were assisting the Neighbourhood Policing Team delivering Halloween posters and leaflets in the Jubilee Crescent area of Louth on Wednesday evening (October 14) when they came across a property which was all in darkness but had its windows wide open.

Concerned for the occupant, the cadets raised the alarm and it was discovered that an elderly lady inside had taken a fall and had possibly been on the floor for several days.

Wolds Inspector Colin Haigh said: “The intervention of the cadets enabled appropriate medical care to be provided to the occupant, who will now hopefully make a full recovery thanks to their actions.

“This is an excellent example of public service and I am immensely proud of them for representing Lincolnshire police in such a positive way”.

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