Louth primary school’s expansion will meet growing numbers head on

NEW reception places will be up for grabs at a school in Louth from September.

St Michael’s Church of England School has made 15 additional places available to take the total offered by the school to 45.

An increase in numbers of children up to four-years-old in the immediate Louth town area, together with a rise in people moving into the area, will cause such a squeeze on numbers that not all Louth children will be able to find a Louth school to go to and Lincolnshire County Council has deemed St Michael’s as the best placed to take the additional numbers.

St Michael’s headteacher Paul Fox said: “This increase is not designed to take children away from other local schools, but to alleviate a problem of increasing numbers in Louth.”

“However, our school governors feel strongly that this is a positive opportunity to improve teaching and learning at St Michael’s and it will certainly keep us busy for the next seven years,” he added.