Louth pupils trained to save energy at their school

Lincolnshire Carbon Ambassador. EMN-151205-114642001
Lincolnshire Carbon Ambassador. EMN-151205-114642001

Two schools who have taken part in the County Council’s SCoRE energy efficiency programme will present to councillors at the Environment Scrutiny Committee on June 12 and show how they have saved energy in their school.

SCoRE, (the Schools Collaboration on Resource Efficiency) trains several pupils in each school to become Lincolnshire Carbon Ambassadors, who are able to identify energy saving opportunities, and implement behaviour change campaigns in their school.

The project focuses on low-cost, quick-win actions to reduce the electricity consumption of schools. It is expected that schools will reduce their electricity consumption by at least 10 per cent, although schools who embrace the SCoRE ethos, using a whole-school approach to raise awareness, have saved over 30 per cent as a result of the programme.

Fosse Way Academy, Lincoln, and Monks’ Dyke Technology College, Louth, celebrated their successes in Autumn 2014, having completed the programme in the summer term last year.

Coun Strange, chairman of the County Council’s Environment Scrutiny Committee, said: “This presentation is a fantastic chance for students to tell councillors about the activities they’ve been involved in during this award-winning programme. There are so many benefits of taking part, and many schools continue to save energy since the programme.”

As well as the programme, saving energy was integrated into subjects across the curriculum too. Students in Design Technology classes at Monks’ Dyke made signs out of leftover acrylic, to remind students and staff to turn lights off when rooms are not in use.

At Fosse Way Academy, energy usage at a local and national level was studied in Maths lessons, and the students developed their persuasive language skills by writing letters and making posters about increasing energy efficiency.

Jess Smith, SCoRE programme co-ordinator says: “These schools have demonstrated that a whole-school, student-led approach to reducing energy consumption works very well. We’re really pleased with the creativity and innovation that the students have demonstrated during their behaviour change campaigns, raising awareness about why saving energy is so important and helping others to adopt new habits.

“We’re very much looking forward to hearing their presentations at Environment Scrutiny, finding out what they’ve been doing, and their plans to further reduce their energy consumption.”

• The bespoke SCoRE programme can be flexible to suit the needs of each school. If schools are interested in taking part, please email score@lincolnshire.gov.uk or contact Jess Smith on 01522 555355.