Louth radio project’s licence bid rejected

Community news
Community news

The chairman of the Louth Community Radio project has spoken of his disappointment after Ofcom rejected the group’s bid for a licence.

Chairman George Horton said that the group was “very disappointed” that the Wolds and Marsh (WAM) 
FM community radio licence bid was turned down on Friday, but hopes they will continue to work together and put in a stronger bid in future.

“Ofcom was basically concerned there was not sufficient demand for the community radio station”, said Mr Horton.

“But the reaction was good, and it is needed to help the community. For things like incidents and flood warnings, a service like this would 
have been ideal. There was a positive reaction on our Facebook group too.

“Obviously, from the team’s perspective, we are very disappointed because a lot of work has been put in over the last two years, particularly from John Walker and Richard Treasure.”

Mr Horton added: “To be fair, the window for submitting an application 
was short and, on reflection, we could have probably put in a better bid.

“Next time round, hopefully we will get the Ts crossed and the Is dotted, and emphasise the support that we have from Louth Town Council and other local bodies.”

Mr Horton added that the opportunity to apply for a community radio licence only comes around every four or five years, and encouraged more young people to get on board with the project.

The group also expects to explore the possibility of an internet-based radio station.

An Ofcom spokesperson told the Leader: “We consider seven selection criteria for each applicant, and any applicant who is not awarded a licence may not have met one or more of the criteria”.

The criteria includes the applicant’s ability to maintain the service, the extent to which the service would cater to the tastes of the community, evidence of demand, and social gains or community benefits that the service can provide.