Louth residents slam ‘disgusting and disrespectful’ vandalism at Charles Street Pavilion

Some of the damage at the Charles Street Pavilion toilets. qUBcw4W_5uwZHqtu20jy
Some of the damage at the Charles Street Pavilion toilets. qUBcw4W_5uwZHqtu20jy

A gang of vandals has been labelled “disgusting and disrespectful” after leaving a trail of destruction at the Charles Street Pavilion.

A group of youths has been spotted on the roof of the building in recent weeks and some tiles have been damaged, but the latest vandalism occurred on Thursday night (May 19) and included damage to the toilet facilities, which only opened for the first time two days previously.

The toilet doors were badly damaged, a toilet roll holder was removed from the wall and at least one person urinated into a sink.

Residents on the ‘Move Louth Forward’ Facebook page condemned the behaviour as “disgusting and very disrespectful”, while others referred to the culprits as “low-lives”.

The pavilion is based at the popular Charles Street Recreation Ground, which is home to tennis courts, a fishing pond, bowling green and croquet facilities.

It is also home to the Kid’s Patch children’s garden, organised by Home-Start Lincolnshire. The Kid’s Patch, which is mainly used by 
pre-school children, has also suffered mindless vandalism in recent months - including damage to a willow dome, tyres pulled up from the ground, broad beans being trampled on and plant pots being thrown about.

Louth mum Karen Godfrey, who regularly attends the Kid’s Patch with her two-year-old daughter Faith, said: “It doesn’t sound like much but when you put so much work into it and the children are upset then it is heartbreaking.”

Karen and her mother-in-law took on the task of cleaning the toilets ahead of their opening last Tuesday - but within just two days they had already been targeted.

She added: “I have seen the same group of teenagers hanging around, but I can’t say for definite that it’s them.

“The Pavilion is visible from the street, so if people see anything then please ring 101 and report it.”

Karen added that most of the teenagers there are fine, but one group appear to have been spoiling it for everybody else.

She added: “I would say to them ‘Just have a bit of respect.’ It’s not difficult, is it?”

A statement from Magna Vitae Trust for Leisure and Culture, which leases the pavilion from East Lindsey District Council, said the damage was “disrespectful and very disappointing”.

Managing Director Mark Humphreys said: “Magna Vitae are aware of this damage and are working with the local Police 
and East Lindsey District Council’s Anti Social Behaviour Team to tackle this issue and try to prevent any further damage.

“If anybody has any information about the people who have caused 
the damage, we would encourage them to report it to the police.

“The extent of the damage is being assessed, and repairs will be made as soon as possible.”