Louth road network in an ‘awful state’ say councillors

The roads in and around Louth have been described as being in an ‘awful state’ and the area branded the ‘poor relations’ in Lincolnshire by the town’s councillors.

Debating local transport at Louth Town Council’s meeting on December 11, Coun Brian Burnett, chairman of the Planning and Finance Committee, said the area had benefited from just four capital projects in ten years.

“There are huge problems getting to the coast, especially in the summer months,” he said.

“The funding all seems to be around growth points like Lincoln and Gainsborough, there has been nothing major for public transport either and overall for Louth it’s a bit disappointing.”

Coun Margaret Ottaway said Louth had been left as the ‘poor relation’. “They (Lincolnshire County Council) don’t realise the value we have,” she added.

Also speaking out against local public transport, Coun Christopher Green said: “If we don’t have cars we don’t seem to get anywhere.”

Coun Jill Makinson-Sanders told the meeting the roads around Louth were in an ‘awful state’. “In South Lincolnshire it is completely different,” she remarked.

But Coun David Wing, of St Mary’s ward, said he was ‘quite content with what we’ve got’.

“We don’t want motorways up here, it’s very simple to do. One motorway and we’re finished,” he warned.

Dean Myhill, the county council’s area highways manager, said:“St Bernard’s Avenue is one of the schemes that has been put forward for repair, thanks to the additional funding Councillors made available earlier in the year.

Tenders are out at the moment and works are due to start on site March/April 2013 to replace the worst section. In the meantime the roads will continue to be monitored and temporary repairs will be carried out as and when required in order to keep traffic moving safely.

“When we become aware of potholes and other road damage, we quickly go out and inspect.

Each are then scheduled for repair in priority order, tackling those which pose the greater danger first.

We take into account their size, how busy the road is, what the road’s speed limit is and whether the damage is in the middle of the road or to the side.

“Those deemed an emergency are repaired within 24 hours.

“With 5,592 miles of roads and 2,796 miles of footways in the county, we need residents to let us know of any problems they spot, either on 01522 782070 or via the grey ‘Report’ tab at the top right of www.lincolnshire.gov.uk “

Lincolnshire County Council are currently working on the fourth Lincolnshire Local Transport Plan (LTP4) which will be in place by April 2013.

Consultations came to an end in July 2012 and are currently being analysed. The plan sets in place the authority’s vision for transport over the succeeding five years and are presented to the Department for Transport when they are finished.

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