Louth Round Table’s call for new members

Louth Round Table are on the hunt for new members to keep their quest of supporting local charities in the community alive.

The group have supported worthy charities in the town for the last 60 years and their membership is made up of men between the ages of 18-45, covering a wide range of occupations.

Events they have supported in the past include Louth’s Charity Bonfire, Christmas Float and other numerous events staged in the Louth area.

In addition to their charity work, Louth Round Table 
also have a busy social calendar.

With meetings held twice a month, the group aims to go out and do activities that 
are challening and unusual, 
and that are best done with 
a group of like-minded 

These activities include factory visits, karting and sports activities to name but a few.

Louth Round Table are currently looking for new members and have organised a taster night on Tuesday, March 5.

If you are looking to do something different and want to give back to the community, call Michael Watts on 079200 13828 for further details about this event.