Louth’s first ‘vape’ store celebrates three years of success

Oli Evans and Cez Jones at Vaping Worx in Mercer Row, Louth.
Oli Evans and Cez Jones at Vaping Worx in Mercer Row, Louth.

One of Lincolnshire’s most successful vape stores, Vaping Worx, is celebrating three years in the business - with a special event and competition for customers.

Owner, Richard (40), first started his business in the New Market Hall three years ago - just as the vaping industry was taking off here in the UK - before moving to current store in Mercer Row.

Richard said: “We are the first and only dedicated vape shop in the town - we dedicate our time to helping customers.

“We started because when we first got into vaping, four or five years ago, you’d go to a shop and they wouldn’t have any idea what they were doing.

“We were disappointed with the service we were being provided, so we decided to start ourselves.”

Richard continued: “We’ve been getting busier and busier. So far, we’ve probably sold about 3,500 starter kits.”

Richard used to smoke every day for almost 20 years - and he turned to vaping after trying everything to quit.

Richard emphasised the health benefits of moving from cigarettes to vaping, adding that it was also more effective as you are still getting some nicotine in your system.

He added that vaping avoids the health risks caused to other people as a result of ‘second hand smoke’.

The Vaping Worx team always ask new customers questions about their current smoking habits, to ensure that the correct level of nicotine is provided - rather than too much or too little.

To celebrate three years in business, and to thank their loyal customers, Vaping Worx will be holding a ‘vape meet’ at 6pm on Friday December 1.

Any level of vaper - from starter to experienced - is welcome to go along to meet at the store in Mercer Row for the casual get-together.

A prize giveaway is also currently taking place, with all customers between now and December 1 being given a raffle ticket to win up to £250 of vouchers for the store.

Visit the Vaping Worx store in Mercer Row for more details.