Louth shoplifter told: ‘The court is at the end of its tether’

Court news
Court news

A Louth shoplifter has been told that the ‘courts are at the end of their tether’ with him after he stole razor blades from a town store.

Leroy Hallam Dodge, 34, of St Bernard’s Avenue, admitted stealing the razor blades, worth £104, from Boots in Eastgate when he appeared at Boston Magistrates’ Court.

Prosecuting, Marie Stace said he was seen in Boots with another male collecting a prescription at 2.30pm on June 1 and was heard to say “I need some razor blades”.

He was then seen to take some from a display and, although challenged, left the store without paying.

She said he took heroin daily and was also on a methadone prescription but had now been banned from the store so could not collect his prescription.

The magistrates were told Dodge had a conviction in January for production of a controlled drug and at the time of the offence was subject to a conditional discharge, also for shoplifting.

“My mind was in the wrong place,” Dodge told the magistrates. “I’m basically off the drugs now and been clean for a month.”

The magistrates told him he had an ‘interesting record’ and the ‘court is at the end of its tether’.

Fining him £80 with compensation of £104 and costs and charges of £105, Dodge was told that if he came ‘back to court again, you will have a very different sentence.’