Louth singer Ellie hopes to win ‘Brand New Artist’ competition - but needs your votes

Ellie Butler EMN-140412-162442001
Ellie Butler EMN-140412-162442001

A performer from Louth has got high hopes to win a national competition which could launch her to super-stardom - but she needs your votes to win.

Ellie Butler, 32, was born and bred in Louth and attended Monks’ Dyke Tennyson College, and she has been singing for over 10 years.

It was only recently, however, that she embarked on her solo career after performing in bands since she was 22 years old.

In recent months Ellie has gone from strength to strength, and was judged as the best singer in the county at the ‘Voice of Lincolnshire’ contest back in September.

However, Ellie’s latest competition, ‘Brand New Artist 2015’ will be even 
more important as it could see her win a record deal, a promotional music video, a tour, national radio coverage, and CDs distributed to 
record stores across the country.

Ellie said: “It would be absolutely amazing to win the competition, and get in the studio and write 
original material.

“It would be an absolute dream, and I’d want to go full time. Thank you to everyone who has voted for me, and if anybody is thinking of voting for me then I will love you forever.”

The competition ends on December 21, and Ellie is currently in fourth place. To vote for her, visit www.brand-new-artist.com/elliebutler or text ‘Brand 71’ to 64343.