Louth six to be arrested and locked up

Six volunteers are to be arrested in Louth town centre on the fictitious charge of ‘not doing enough for their local community’ and taken to Louth Police Station where they will be locked up in the cells until they have raised enough money for local family support charity Home-Start East Lindsey.

On Saturday June 8 Samantha Phillips, Louth Town Partnership Co-ordinator, Ian Watson, Manager at Louth Park Farms and Chair of Governors at Kidgate Academy, Nigel Hopper, landlord at The Brown Cow, Emily Smith, Home Support Assistant with Age UK, Kat Bishop, volunteer for Home-Start East Lindsey and Heather Bruntlett, Home-Start East Lindsey Co-ordinator, will be arrested.

The jail birds will be armed with a mobile phone and list of contact numbers and will need to raise £500 for their release papers. Home-Start supporters will be campaigning on their behalf, protesting their innocence and will be collecting in the town centre to help raise the bail money required.

Ian Watson said: “I am really not looking forward to the prospect of being arrested and knowing that once that door is shut I will be relying on the generosity and understanding of other people to get me released but I am sure they will not let me down! Giving children the best possible start, is really something we can all relate to and the knowledge that the money I raise is going to help families in my community will hopefully keep me going and let’s just hope I can get a good signal on my mobile phone!”

Kathryn Laverack of Home-Start East Lindsey said, “We launched the Jail and Bail fundraiser last year and raised over £3,500 for our work, so we are extremely pleased that we have five more volunteers ready to face the handcuffs this year. Despite the fun element of the fundraiser, sitting in a cell with a locked door with just a mobile phone is certainly not easy, so we are incredibly grateful for their support. Last year we supported more families in than ever before in East Lindsey, helping them keep a focus on their children whatever the circumstances they were having to deal with. The number of families needing help may be increasing but funding is getting harder and harder each year, so events such as these are vital to keep that support available.’

Home-Start East Lindsey has been operating in the area since 1998 and supports over 150 families each year. Families seek support from Home-Start for reasons as diverse as isolation, bereavement, multiple births, illness, disability or simply just finding parenting a struggle. Their home-visiting volunteers provide free and confidential, practical and emotional support. They help build the family’s confidence and ability to cope and prevent problems escalating into crisis.

If you would like to find out more about the work of Home-Start or add your support you can visit www.home-starteastlindsey.co.uk.