Louth Strategy Games Club wants more women

THE Louth Strategy Games Club has been given £750 to buy game accessories to encourage more women to take part.

The donation was arranged by Coun Laura Stephenson from East Lindsey District Council’s Community Initiative Scheme.

Also under the scheme, Coun Michael Preen has given £200 and Coun Sarah Dodds £150 towards promoting the Anne Fridal concert at St James’ Church on July 14.

Coun Dodds has also given £150 to Louth Naturalists Antiquarian and Literary Society towards the national Thomas Wallis woodcarvings exhibition at Louth Museum.

The Deanery of Louthesk has been given £200 by Coun Sandra Harrison to extend their befriending scheme for people who are ill.

Coun Terry Aldridge has given £1,500 to Holton le Clay Youth Club to provide insurance and a BMX Track.