Louth street gets third most parking fines in Lincolnshire

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A street in Louth has been named in the ‘Top Ten’ list for the most parking fines handed out in the past year.

Eastgate was third in the list with 876 parking fines, and 461 of these were handed out for ‘wrong class of vehicle’ offences.

Matt Jones, Parking Services Officer at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “461 of the 876 PCN’s [Penalty Charge Notices] issued in Eastgate were for the contravention ‘wrong class of vehicle’.

“Typically this does usually mean a non-goods vehicle being parked within a bay specifically designed and intended for the use of goods vehicles in the process of actively loading or unloading.”

Eastgate was the only street in Louth to make the top ten list.

The first and second most frequently hit streets were Silver Street in Lincoln (1732 fines) and Market Place in Boston (1334 fines).

In East Lindsey district as a whole, there were 4618 parking fines handed out in the last year, of which 839 were challenged (with 284 challenges being granted upon review).