Louth to stay under hosepipe ban despite heavy downpours

Local resident Ken Addison with his dormant hosepipe. Photo: Ian Holmes.
Local resident Ken Addison with his dormant hosepipe. Photo: Ian Holmes.

THURSDAY’S enforced hosepipe ban remains in place despite the Easter weekend’s heavy amount of rainfall, resulting in a dry spell for several local residents.

During what is reported to be the region’s worst drought for a century, local residents will be amongst those worst affected due to the increased workload of heavy watering.

Resident Ken Addison of St Bernards Avenue is a popular entrant of the town’s Lovely Louth Competition and comments on the hard work which lies ahead. He told the Leader: “I always used my hosepipe to water the garden in order to be competition ready, but now it will make the work harder.

“Unfortunately it’s one of those things that’s got to happen, but now means I will have to trudge along with a heavy watering can.”

If residents are caught using their hosepipes, a fine of £1,000 will be filtered through to them.

John Clare, Media Manager for Anglian Water Services, commented: “Despite a welcoming amount of rainfall from an environmental perspective, the hosepipe ban remains indefinite.

“The amount of recent heavy rain isn’t enough to remove the ban. We rely on autumn and winter rainfall so we can store the water in winter and then supply in the summer, we now have to conserve our water.

“We will monitor the rainfall closely and the ban will be lifted when matters improve.”

In light of the Lovely Louth Competition this year combining with Louth’s entry to East Midlands in Bloom, East Lindsey District Council and Louth Town Council are taking necessary steps in water preservation and looking to enhance the competition despite the ban.

Linda Blankley, Louth Town Clerk, said: “Now the hosepipe ban has begun, we are discussing ways to enhance the town ready for competition. It won’t cause any huge implications as East Midlands in Bloom has different phases of criteria.”

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