Louth Town Council offers grant to skate park appeal


Louth Town Councillors agreed to put forward £800 towards the creation of a skate park, conditional upon the production of invoices 
for works completed.

The council’s governance and finance committee met last Tuesday (November 17) where they heard a presentation from Stuart Pickering and John Andrews, representing LouthXSports, who wish to build the skate park on land next to the Meridian Leisure Centre.

Mr Pickering said: “This project will cost in the region of £85,000, and we have identified several funding streams... the major criteria is that we have local support.

“To obtain that funding without local support makes a difficult task 
practically impossible.”

Mr Pickering added that any grant funding from the town council would only be utilised once LouthXSports has a “fully funded project”, and work begins on the site.

It was noted that, in the past, funds had been raised for a similar project which did not materialise and the money had not been recovered, but councillors accepted that the current group should not be held responsible for any potential wrongdoing by predecessors many years ago.

Mr Pickering said that the group currently has four potential funders, who will decide on their grants in the coming months. He added: “If all is successful, we’re looking to [begin work in] May or June next year, fortnight build, and open by 
August - fingers crossed.”

A fundraising event for the skate park appeal will take place in Louth on Saturday, December 12. 
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