Louth Town Council’s anger over unheard objections to CCTV proposal


The Leader of ELDC has denied claims by Louth Town Councillors that she misled the Executive Board during a meeting on CCTV proposals.

At the recent Community Resources Committee meeting at Louth Town Council, Coun Eileen Ballard said that concerns had been raised by local councils over proposals to move the district’s CCTV monitoring from Skegness over to a shared monitoring facility in Boston.

A letter was sent to ELDC expressing these concerns, but Coun Ballard said that the Executive Board “was not told one word of our concerns” when they met to discuss 
the issue on January 13.

Coun Makinson-Sanders told fellow councillors that she observed the meeting and heard Coun Doreen Stephenson “quite clearly” say that all seven towns within the CCTV Partnership had agreed to the plans.

Mayor Coun Andrew Leonard later said that the district council “have completely falsified the facts by withholding the information supplied to them, in order to facilitate their own decision in the direction that they wanted it to go, and not the people they represent.”

Coun Leonard added that the buck stops with Leader of the Council, Doreen Stephenson, and that she should resign for committing “corruption, almost, in high office”.

Coun Stephenson has categorically denied stating that all towns had agreed to the changes.

She told the Louth Leader: “All Executive Board Councillors had received a copy of the correspondence received from the Town Council in advance.

“The decision made by the Board was an agreement for detailed work to be undertaken to establish whether or not it is feasible to introduce a joint Community Safety service with Boston Borough Council and move to a wireless CCTV system. That work is underway.

“Once completed, Town and Parish Councils on the CCTV Partnership will be briefed on the findings and a report will come back to the Executive Board in March, along with the views of the Town and Parish Councils concerned, at which time a decision will be made.”