Louth Town Council supports ‘reshaping’ Area Committees


Louth Town Council has voted in support of ELDC’s proposal to reshape the current seven Area Committees into three Area Forums - although some councillors would prefer to abolish them altogether.

Coun Leonard began the discussion, and said: “I’m all for squeezing it down, or squeezing it out the door... get rid of it and save £40,000 a year of taxpayers’ money.”

Coun Horton added: “The Area Committees have no power whatsoever.

“Members of the public are more than welcome to come down and share their concerns with us [at the Town Council’s public forum]. Area Committees are a waste of time and a waste of expense... if it was left to me, I would dissolve them all altogether.”

Coun Ottaway added that the meetings are a “talking shop” and not run effectively.

However, Coun Stephenson spoke in defence of Area Committees, and said: “I think we’d get more done for our area if we had more of them rather than less.

“It’s a chance to get together the county councillors, the district councillors and the town councillors, so we can all make decisions.”

Coun Garrett added: “I think we achieve a lot [at the Louth Area Committee] as we have all three tiers of councillors there.”

The Town Council voted 13 - 3 in favour of the proposal, with one abstention.