Louth Town Council to mark Queen’s 90th birthday.


Louth Town Council has agreed in principle to set aside £500 for celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday next June.

The celebrations will also mark the Queen becoming Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, which took place in September this year, as some councillors felt the occasion had not been sufficiently celebrated in the town.

Coun Makinson-Sanders suggested encouraging as many street parties as possible, but said that the town council “missed a trick” by not planting a tree in the town to mark the Queen becoming the 
longest-reigning monarch.

Coun Leonard suggested councillors donate their own money - rather than using public money - to buy a tree for Hubbard’s Hills, while Coun Treanor suggested a civic service and inviting Louth Interskill to create a bench for the town.

Although a definite plan was not decided, councillors voted to set aside £500 to go forward for consideration, and specific 
celebration ideas will be further discussed and debated at a later date.