Louth Town Council votes to sell Cemetery Lodge

The Cemetery Lodge in London Road, Louth.
The Cemetery Lodge in London Road, Louth.

Following lengthy discussions earlier this week, Louth Town Council has agreed to sell the Cemetery Lodge.

The meeting on Tuesday evening (February 19), which lasted for around two hours, saw the town council invite a representative from Masons Chartered Surveyors to provide details of the offers made on the property.

As reported previously, the building went up for sale last month.

This week’s meeting was held in ‘closed session’, meaning that members of the public and the press were excluded due to the disclosure of information of a ‘confidential commercial third party and sensitive nature’.

However, after the meeting, the town council released a short statement which states: “After very lengthy discussions and by majority vote, Louth Town Council has agreed to sell the cemetery lodge.”

The decision to sell the Cemetery Lodge, which is not a listed building, has already angered some residents in the town, with a number of objections raised on social media after The Leader revealed it had been put on the market.

Some residents have demanded that a public consultation should take place before any final decision is made on whether to sell the property, due to its importance as part of the ‘architectural heritage’ of the town.

The demand for a public consultation is also based a belief that the town council is simply the ‘custodian’ of the building, and that it belongs to ‘the people of Louth’. However, council officials have clarified that the building was purchased by Louth Town Council many decades ago, and that the Cemetery Lodge is therefore under the ownership the town council itself.

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