Louth Town Council will meet with Tollbar chief over concerns


Louth Town Council has agreed to arrange a meeting with chief executive of the Tollbar Multi-Academy Trust, David Hampson, to discuss concerns over the community use of school facilities and sports pitches at Louth’s secondary schools.

The invitation from Mr Hampson comes after town councillors raised concerns at their meeting in late November following multiple claims from sports clubs and hobby groups that the Trust will not allow community use of their facilities - a claim which the Trust has denied.

Last month, Mr Hampson told the Leader: “I will be writing to the Town Council offering them a meeting to discuss not just community use, but the most important aspect for the Louth area, which is our vision for the raising of the education standards in the non-selective sector.

“However, this meeting cannot be in open session because we will be discussing financial issues with them which will have to include the level of staff remuneration required for community use.”

The town councillors discussed the offer at their meeting last week (January 9), and agreed to hold a private meeting with the Trust.

• Update: It has now been confirmed that the private meeting will take place on Tuesday evening (January 23).