Louth Town Councillors add their concern over secondary school future in Mablethorpe


Louth Town Councillors have voiced their opposition to the possible closure of the Monks’ Dyke Tennyson College campus in Mablethorpe.

Mayor Coun Locking said it was a “very sad situation”, adding: “It’s very important because the last thing you need is children having to be bussed to Louth.”

Coun Ottaway said she felt “very sorry” that the school might close, but added that she could “reluctantly” see the sense in the move, and noted that affected children would at least have their travel paid for.

Coun Horton said: “To me, it seems like a situation where you save £1 to spend £1.20. I really do struggle to get my head around it.”

Coun Jackson added: “I think that this proposed closure will absolutely gut Mablethorpe.

“They need to invest, and improve, and not just abandon it.”

The Council voted 13-1 in favour of objecting to the proposed closure, on the grounds of “increased strain on Louth’s current schools”.