Louth Town Councillors oppose ‘free dog poo bag’ proposals

Dog fouling
Dog fouling

Louth Town Councillors have turned down a proposal to provide free dog poo bags as part of next year’s budget.

Coun Ottaway suggested that Louth could follow Mablethorpe’s lead in providing free dog poo bags for residents, but fellow councillors objected to the idea that taxpayers should cough up for dog owners.

The scheme costs around £600 per year on the coast, and Coun Turner said the initiative there is seen as “a small price to pay to 
keep the town clean”.

Coun Horton said: “It’s the responsibility of the dog owner. If they want a dog, they feed it, they water it, and they take away the mess. Why should we, as a town council, be giving away poo bags for heaven’s sake? We’re a laughing stock!”

Coun Wing said that a £100 fine for dog-walkers in the streets without poo bags would be more effective.

Coun Green doubted that those who do not pick up after their dog would be swayed by the offer of free bags.

Coun Jackson, meanwhile, pointed out that wheelchair and pushchair users sometimes have to go through dog poo on the streets and added: “It’s disgusting, and my residents are absolutely appalled by it.”

Despite appeals from Couns Ottaway, Jackson and Turner to give the proposal a chance and see if it made a positive difference, the council voted against the proposal.

Coun Ottaway expressed her disappointment, and thanked the minority of councillors who supported her proposal.