Louth woman, 22, jailed after assault and arson ‘while in a rage’

Lincoln Crown Court. Library image.
Lincoln Crown Court. Library image.

A Louth woman carried out an assault in a rage before trapping her victim inside a building and started a fire has been jailed for 12 months at Lincoln Crown Court.

Leanne Grantham, 22, of St Bernard’s Avenue, initially became aggressive towards her victim following an incident in a wine bar in the town.

Richard Thatcher, prosecuting, said that the victim later left and went to stay at a friend’s house only for Grantham to turn up.

Grantham went on to assault her victim in an outhouse grabbing the woman around the neck and squeezing so hard that the victim feared she would stop breathing.

Mr Thatcher said the assault was prolonged with Grantham stopping to apologise on a number of occasions before resuming her attack.

“The defendant grabbed a lighter and set fire to rolls of carpet in the outbuilding and then shut the door on the complainant. She tried to set fire to the carpet on four or five occasions.

“The complainant attempted to escape and had her hand bitten. She was pushed to the floor banging her head before she was finally able to escape.

“The defendant was later arrested and interviewed. She admitted grabbing hold of the victim around the throat but couldn’t recall biting. She indicated that when she gets into a certain state of anger she cannot snap out of it.”

Grantham admitted charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and arson arising out of the incident on April 18 this year.

She was given a 12 month prison sentence for the assault and a 12 month prison sentence for the arson, with both sentences to run concurrently.

Grantham was therefore jailed for 12 months in total, and she was also given a five year restraining order banning her from contacting the victim and from visiting three addresses in Louth.

Judge Michael Heath, passing sentence, told her: “You cannot behave in this way towards another human being and expect to retain your liberty.”

Jonathan Cox, defending, said that since her arrest Grantham has sought help for her abuse of both cannabis and alcohol.

He said “She has difficulty controlling her anger. In a rage she reacted and behaved in the way she did.”