Louth woman attacks man with screwdriver

Court news
Court news

A Louth woman had been involved in a volatile relationship for some years until finally she kneed her former partner in the face and attacked him with a screwdriver, a court has heard.

Elaine Scarboro, 46, of Monks Dyke Road, had admitted at a previous hearing to assaulting Stuart Alexander by beating him at his home in Church Close on March 29, and the case had been adjourned for reports from the Probation Service.

It was said Mr Alexander had been left with minor abrasions to his face and bite marks on his hands after the attack. In mitigation, Asad Aziz said the couple had been in a ‘volatile relationship for several years’ with threats of and actual violence.

He said Mr Alexander had been wooing her to try and rekindle the relationship and they had agreed to go out one evening but he didn’t turn up so she went round his house the following day.

He said there was an altercation and Mr Alexander picked up a screwdriver and she thought he was going to attack her so she kneed him in the face.

Mr Aziz said she bit him when she thought he was going to headbutt her and when they went into the bedroom and he held her down on the bed, she picked up and used the screwdriver.

He said Scarboro now recognised the relationship was over and she had used excessive self-defence, but she wanted to put it behind her. Magistrates imposed a 12 month community order and alcohol awareness activities, and 120 hours of unpaid work as well as costs and a restraining order in relation to Mr Alexander.