Louth woman gets footplate ride on steam train at Lincolnshire Wolds Railway

A Louth woman got a special birthday treat – a ride on a real steam locomotive at the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway.

Carole Walsham has always had a fascination for steam railways and even has her own model railway at her home.

She and her husband Martyn often go to visit their daughter Kate who lives in Australia and it was after they travelled on a vintage steam train there that Kate came up with the idea of giving her mum a footplate ride for her birthday.

“I had a lovely time at the railway on my footplate experience,” said Carole. “I would like to thank everyone at Ludborough who helped make it so enjoyable - especially the driver and fireman who explained how everything worked. I couldn’t have had a better birthday treat”.

For further information about the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway Footplate Experience call 01507 363881. Participants must be 18 years or over.