Louth woman is crowned Dog Groomer of the Year

Emma Taylor, winner of the British Dog Grooming Championship 2015. EMN-150610-122910001
Emma Taylor, winner of the British Dog Grooming Championship 2015. EMN-150610-122910001

A Louth woman has proved that she’s a cut above the rest after being crowned ‘Groomer of the Year’ in a national dog grooming competition.

Emma Taylor, 26, from Oak Close, scooped the 
top prize at the annual 
British Dog Grooming Championship, which took place in Warwickshire last Sunday (October 4).

Emma, who has been grooming for four years, managed to beat over 
100 competitors to become crowned as Groomer of 
the Year.

Emma told the Leader: “I have competed for three years, and in those I have been placed in some newcomers and had the occasional 2nd place.

“At this competition, I competed in the ‘experienced’ class, where I groomed a 
hand-stripped Cocker Spaniel which I placed first with, and then a 
Bichon Frise in the purebred scissor class, where I also placed first.

“I then went on to 
win the whole competition, crowning me Groomer of 
the Year 2015.”

Emma added: “Going against some of the amazing groomers whose dogs look just stunning, like Peter Ensell (a member of England Groom Team) and Fee Brook... I can’t believe I beat either of them, as they are amazing and their dogs look beautiful.

“This is an almighty privilege and accomplishment for a groomer - it’s one of the things we all work towards.

“I am still in shock that I won it at only 26, and have many people to thank for helping to get me there such as my tutors who started me off, Lee Lister and Sarah Lowther from the Grimsby Institute who are now my work colleagues when I 
train others.”

Emma continued: “Amanda McCracken, owner of the Fur Friendly Grooming Parlour in Howdales near Louth, is a great friend and helps me with all my grooming competitions and lets me use her room at her grooming parlour to keep my 
grooming skills up.

“I also need to thank Alison Rogers - an amazing friend and someone who has given me extra tuition and helped me get to where I am - and Joanne Angus who has given me extra tuition. “

She said: “There is also Peter Young who actually placed me Groomer of the Year, who I am just so thankful to, and Connie Critter 
and Emma Bull for being 
great friends.”