Louth woman to leap 150 feet for Lincolnshire rescue team

Angela Caulton.
Angela Caulton.

A Louth woman will literally leap into the abyss next month in her ambitious bid to raise money for the Lincolnshire Community Assistance Team (L-CAT).

Angela Caulton, of Ramsgate, will perform the daring feat at the Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham on February 8. There, she will perform a leap from a height of 150 feet at ‘The Abyss’ exhibition.

Angela has chosen to take part in a unique ‘Powerfan’ jump in which she will freefall until a powerful fan system kicks in to ensure that she floats to a soft landing.

Angela, who will be jumping on behalf of her local graphics business ACG Design, said: “I came up with the idea to Jump as I tried to Jump for an activity day, but nerves got the best of me and I froze. I really wanted to go back and do it again, but for a worthy cause.

“I met L-CAT at the Louth Networking Group, and I thought that what they volunteer to do is a great thing for the community, and with this newest venture of becoming ‘All Weather First Responders’ I wanted to help.

“I am feeling nervous. I suffer a little vertigo so this is a challenge for me, but I will have L-CAT cheering me on to Jump from the safety of the ground on the day.

L-CAT are made up of 4X4 vehicles and drivers, they receive first aid and defibrillator training to provide first call service to incidents in difficult terrain. Visit www.lincolnshirecat.co.uk for more info.