Luck of Louth a ‘shoe-in’ for double award triumph

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Lady luck is well and truly shining on one independent Louth shoe business whose staff are celebrating news of a double award success.

Jim Luck, founder of Luck of Louth in Eastgate, has been crowned as the Society of Shoe Fitters’ 2012 Student Of The Year, and his business has also been named in the top 100 independent shops in the UK.

Luck of Louth was named in 74th place in The Drapers’ Record’s influential annual ‘Inspiring Indies’ listing, up from 92nd last year.

“I’m so proud of and grateful to my staff team. This is fantastic and we are very flattered,” Jim said.

“We couldn’t have achieved this without their loyalty and commitment to quality. Independent local businesses are the life-blood of small towns like Louth, so it’s wonderful that our success has had national recognition.”

He continued: “We have had a very positive start to the year and hope to maintain that momentum.

“I like to think we’ve built up a good reputation with our customers locally but also within the industry.

“So this is also a testament to our moral and ethical stamps, and the clear and open manner with which we operate.”

Patrick Neville, Louth Town Partnership’s chairman, added: “Congratulations to Jim Luck and his team. Another feather in the cap for Louth’s independent retailers.

“It’s wonderful news.”