Lucy’s health story hits the small screen

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FOR five years Lucy Glover has struggled with an eating disorder, but has recently had her recovery caught on camera to help raise awareness to others.

The 21-year-old who lives in Fotherby, near Louth, will feature on popular Channel 4 television programme Supersize Vs Superskinny which is due to be broadcast in March.

She shares with us her determination to overcome her eating disorder and explains the reasons why more awareness should be raised on this taboo subject.

“Having an eating disorder is based around more than just being superskinny, it’s the psychological aspects that eat away at every aspect of your life and turns becoming thin from an afterthought into an obsession,” Lucy explained.

“I was being sick several times a day and exercising compulsively, it got to the point where my body wasn’t coping with it any more and I totally lost who I was as a person.”

Lucy also said: “After admitting to myself I had a problem, I knew I was mentally ready to begin recovery. The hardest part of it is coming to terms with weight gain.

“I decided to be filmed for Channel 4 to help raise awareness on a subject which people find difficult to understand as the topic seems to be hidden away and isn’t really discussed enough due to its taboo nature.”

Lucy continued: “I want people to realise that an eating disorder can happen to anyone, not just celebrities. You can still be at a healthy weight and yet suffer from this mental health illness. It’s an issue of control, something you fear will be taken out of your hands.”