Mablethorpe animal cruelty couple do not appear in court


A Mablethorpe couple convicted of animal cruelty, have not appeared in court at any time during the three hearings of the process, a court has heard.

James Alan Coldron, 29, and his partner Alicia Louise Lopez, also 29, both of Newstead Road, had been convicted in their absence of causing unnecessary suffering to a chihuahua dog between October 1 and December 12 2014 and of failing to provide continued veterinary treatment for the

dog between August 13 and December 9 2014.

Beris Brickles, prosecuting on behalf of the RSCA, told Deputy District Judge Hallsworth sitting at Skegness Magistrates Court, that neither of the defendants had appeared at their first court hearing on May 18 nor at the adjourned hearing on June 29, when the case had had to be proved in

their absence and adjourned for a pre­sentence report from the Probation Service.

He told Judge Hallsworth that they should now have appeared for sentence but had not done so and had not attended their appointments with the Probation Service to compile the report.

Mr Brickles said the circumstances of the offences were that the dog had been treated by a vet for a broken leg in August but they had not returned with the dog for further attention and as a result an RSPCA officer went to their home in December and found the dog dead and in an emaciated condition in their conservatory.

He said it still had on the bandaging put on by the vet at the time of the original treatment almost four months before.

The court was told Ms Lopez had e mailed the court to say she had a medical complaint but had never submitted any doctor’s letter and nothing at all had been heard from Coldron.

The judge issued a warrant without bail for Coldron to appear to be sentenced and adjourned Ms Lopez’ case for seven days to allow her to produce a doctor’s letter, if she could.