Mablethorpe Area Partnersnhip CIC wants your input on project ideas


MAP CIC (Mablethorpe Area Partnership Community Interest Company) is looking for feedback on their newest set of ideas to boost the town.

The company, which has been devised to help regenerate and boost the local economy, combines the Chamber of Trade, Tourism Forum and Town Centre Partnership into one Community Interest Company. These organisations have come together to form one group to become the voice of business, gaining the support of businesses in the town.

Operations manager for MAP CIC, Karen Froggatt explains: “We are looking for businesses in town to come forward and join our cause.

“For a small joining fee we want to include them in the great work we want to do in order to make Mablethorpe’s economy prosper. We are all in this together and by working together, everyone will benefit.”

MAP CIC has a volunteer board of directors who have devised a series of ideas on how to boost the town’s profile and new projects director, David Brailsford, comments  on  the  ideas  and  is  urging  for residents and businesses in the town to give the organisation their opinions on these plans so they can figure out the proposed projects feasibility.

He said: “We have a wide range of ideas that we would like to share.

“If they like any of the ideas, we can then set about looking into the projects in greater detail.

“Our ideas include the consideration of road closures from Victoria Road to the promenade during two evenings a week to make way for more activities in the town and a chance for more people to integrate together.

“We are also considering the enhancement of the town’s streets to make them look more attractive.

“Plus we were thinking of having a roof built, covering the High Street and Victoria Road, giving the town a valuable space for events during all weathers. Also we had the idea of transforming the Dunes Basin Area and turning it into a multi-purpose use building for everyone and making over the outside to look something like the deep in Hull as an example.”

For more information and to join MAP CIC, simply download a form from their website: To give your feedback on any of the ideas listed above, then follow MAP CIC on Facebook and share your views. Or email: with your views or call 01507 353217.