Mablethorpe Chrysanthemum Society rewards local growers

Mablethorpe Chrysanthemum Society.
Mablethorpe Chrysanthemum Society.

THE Mablethorpe and District Chrysanthemum Society held their annual show on Saturday.

It was held at St Peter’s Community Hall in Mablethorpe and featured an array of colourful exhibits.

John Simpson scooped a number of prizes for his efforts including best vase in show, best decorative bloom and the Hillson Trophy. The St Andrews Trophy was won by John Gunson and the Conyers Shield went to Chloe Levett.

The full list of prize winners can be seen below.

Stan Keane shield – best vase in show class 20 – John Simpson

NCS Silver medal class 1 – John Simpson

NCS Bronze medal class 2 – John Gunson

Premier bloom George Sanders Cup – John Simpson

Society shield best medium bloom – John Gunson

Society shield best incurved bloom – George Grantham

Society shield best single bloom – Ted Blackbourne

Society shield best decorative bloom – John Simpson

Esso challenge trophy most points section 1 – John Simpson and J Jaques

Hillson trophy – John Simpson

Fernleigh trophy – J Jaques

Willows challenge cup – George Grantham

Eagle challenge bowl – John Simpson

DCP challenge cup – John Gunson

Margaret challenge cup – John Simpson

Robotham cup – John Simpson

Tyro challenge cup – Ted Blackbourne

Gordon Hill medal best exhibit section 3 – John Gunson

TSB shield most points section 3 - John Gunson

St Andrews trophy - John Gunson

Blackburn challenge cup - John Gunson

Challenge cup most points section 4 – Mr Pickwell

Jacklin bowl most points section 5 – G Hill

Dick Fowler rose bowl best exhibit section 5 – P Rage

The Portess Cup – G Hill

Jacklin Vase – P Rage

Silver Rose Bowl – G Hill

Silver Salver – N Jordon

Anne Snowden Salver – K Riggall

Barker Memorial Trophy – O Willson

MSDCS Cup – Mrs Iremonger

Sylvia Hill Shield most points section 6 – A GREEN

Conyers Shield (children’s) – Chloe Levett

Summadae Challenge Cup most points section 7 – G Dawson

Shield for best single exhibit – John Jaques

Bartholomew Cup best exhibition onion – John Jacques