Mablethorpe couple bid to find a new home after year of failed house hunting

Leigh and Mitch Jolson with their dogs Trudi, Junior, Bindi and Sher.
Leigh and Mitch Jolson with their dogs Trudi, Junior, Bindi and Sher.

A MABLETHORPE couple are appealing to landlords to ‘give them a break’ and accommodate them and their four beloved dogs after a year of failed house hunting.

Leigh and Mitch Jolson, who are both unable to work, say they feel like second class citizens after being unable to find any rented accomodation for themselves and their dogs.

Leigh, 46, who is paraplegic, is now unable to negotiate the steps in their Fitzwilliam Street house that are not covered by the stair lift, and says they are tired of being turned down by landlords.

Leigh says her dogs Trudi, Junior, Bindi and Sher, two-year-old German Shepherds, are putting off potential landlords.

Her husband Mitch, a 65-year-old ex-miner, was forced to retire after a serious lorry crash 13 years ago.

“We’re tired of being turned down,” said Leigh.

“Our four dogs are so good natured and very clean but the landlords don’t want to know, we feel like second class citizens.

“You shouldn’t have to get rid of your dogs in order to find somewhere to live, as we’ve been told a number of times!

“It’s so annoying because it’s been going on for so long now but hopefully there’s a landlord or estate agent out there who can help us.”

Leigh added: “We’re ideally looking for a three bedroom bungalow with a driveway and garage and somewhere for Mitch’s model railway hobby.”

Their current landlords, Reilly Properties of Worksop, have given them a glowing reference.

It said: “I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are not only fantastic tenants, they are lovely people.

“Although they have pets, it has never been a problem, and when damage did occur to the hall carpet, they replaced it and also replaced the other carpets in the house, at their own expense.

“We would happily rent the house to them indefinitely.”

If you can help the Jolsons to find a new home, call Leigh on 07598 349343.