Mablethorpe donkey petition handed to District Council

THE operator of the donkey rides on Mablethorpe beach has told The Leader of his concern at a petition stating a number of ‘concerns about the appearance and welfare’ of his donkeys.

A petition of nearly 700 signatures was handed to East Lindsey District Council.

But Dallas Denton-Cox, who provides the donkey rides, said: “The people who have signed the petition no doubt want to be re-assured the donkeys are properly cared for.

“Each regulator authority has its own requirements, which we comply with, and the donkeys are regularly inspected and examined by qualified inspectors.

“I have operated donkeys all my adult working life and I genuinely understand them and care about them and their welfare.”

Christine Bates, one of the organisers of the petition said: “We’d like to see him (Mr Denton-Cox) improve the welfare of the donkeys and their facilities.”

ELDC spokesman Mike Harrison said: “We only issue a license to donkey operators after an inspection of each donkey from one of the country’s leading vets. It’s the vet’s job to say whether an animal is fit to work.”