Mablethorpe duo supports vaccine to protect babies

Sarah and Jonathan Provis are community ambassadors for Meningitis Now.
Sarah and Jonathan Provis are community ambassadors for Meningitis Now.

A couple from Mablethorpe are celebrating the roll out of a new lifesaving vaccine for deadly meningococcal group B (Men B) disease - a common cause of meningitis.

Jonathan and Sarah Provis, who live in the town, are community ambassadors for Meningitis Now and have been supporting the charity’s recent ‘Beat It Now’ campaign which will see this ground-breaking medicine be introduced free on the NHS.

The UK will become the first country in the world to offer the new vaccine to new-born babies and was introduced on September 1.

Being a part of this work really hits home for the couple as Jonathan contracted bacterial meningitis in 1994 leading to the amputation of both legs and the fingertips on his right hand.

Sarah explained: “We knew very little about meningitis before Jonathan caught the disease so were not aware of the signs and symptoms.

“Meningitis Now has been there to support me through the tough times and being a community ambassador gives us the chance to give something back and to help other people who have suffered from this awful disease.”

Sue Davie, the chief executive of Meningitis Now, sounded a note of caution and added: “While this is good news, it does not mean meningitis is beaten. Our message is don’t become complacent about meningitis.”

The infant Men B immunisation programme will be available for two-month-olds with another dose at four months and a booster at 12-months. There is also a limited catch-up programme for babies due three and four-month vaccinations in September. For more info about the vaccine, visit;