Mablethorpe family’s race against time for brave Luke

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The Hurren family from Mablethorpe are in a race against time to raise vital funds required to give their son Luke the amenities he needs for a better life.

Twelve-year-old Luke Hurren has Duchenne muscular dystrophy which is a condition that causes progressive muscle weakness that affects all the muscles in the body.

But over the last six months, Luke’s condition has worsened and he relies on constant support from his family in order to undertake everyday tasks.

To help Luke gain the independence he desperately craves, his parents Stuart and Jacqui have successfully been awarded with a disabilities facilities grant from East Lindsey District Council in order to fit their home with the correct adaptations required.

But the battle continues as they need an extra £17,000 to cover the excess costs that the grant doesn’t cover.

Jacqui Hurren explains the struggle her family is in as time to come up with the rest of the funds is running out.

“The urgency to nail down this funding has got to severe measures as Luke is unable to move by himself at the moment,” Jacqui said.

“The quote for this grant was given to us in February and the council won’t wait around forever, we just need to raise the excess funding urgently before the cost goes up any further.

“All we want to do is give Luke the adaptations he needs to help improve his life and make him happier before it’s too late. “

Jacqui added: “We really want to give our son the simple amenities he needs, but we just can’t and it’s so hard to figure out where to turn next.

“We would be so grateful for any local support. Trying to raise the profile of Luke’s condition is vital as most people don’t know what Duchenne muscular dystrophy is.”