Mablethorpe golfer celebrates hole-in-one on his 70th birthday

Tony Feldberg.
Tony Feldberg.

Mablethorpe golfer Tony Feldberg has plenty to smile about after achieving a hole-in-one on the day of his 70th birthday.

Tony scored his ace on the 162-yard, par-three 14th hole at Seacroft Golf Club, and the 11-handicapper was rewarded with membership of the exclusive BOSS Watches H1Club and a specially-commissioned, commemorative timepiece.

Tonysaid: “It was a little windy, coming from my right side, and I chose my six-iron, aiming it at the bunker on the right.

“The ball flew towards the bunker but then started to draw about five yards left. It pitched on the green and rolled towards the flag. My only thought was: ‘it’s getting closer to the hole’.

“It was my birthday and I was playing with the club captain - it doesn’t get much better than that.”

Stephen Brydon, commercial director for MGS Distribution, who distribute BOSS Watches, said: “Well done to Tony for accomplishing one of golf’s most elusive feats.

“For most amateur golfers, a hole-in-one is as memorable as winning The Masters would be to a professional. We want to ensure they have something tangible by which to remember the day, other than an expensive bar bill.

“The limited-edition BOSS timepiece immortalises a once-in-a-lifetime feat, but also serves as a memento of their achievement.”

In addition to the watch, Tony joins more than 10,000 members in the BOSS Watches H1Club which offers access to exclusive benefits and merchandise.